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Made some icons

 This is what happens when a fandom consumes me: ICONS! *Throws confetti* Or should I say userpics? Anyway, still couldn't find good Sherlock screencaps, and haven't had time to go and make my own yet (hehe) so I made some SH '09 movie!icons and one of Martin (<3). Please see below!

Icons be here!Collapse )

When I get my hands on more images I will make some BBC ones! Oh yes! Also, need some screencaps of Mark Strong, goddamnit. Also, apparently you can't host things on photobucket with naughty words in so I've been forced to use my "fuck" icon as the pic for this journal entry. Hoorah!

Use them as you please.

P.s: Found all my old icons still on my photobucket account! Haha!

WARNING: Geekery contained within.

 Well, I got myself a new mood theme! A 'Sherlock' mood theme! Not all of the pictures match the moods that well but, Sherlock! Some of the moods are just too hilarious as well. I just love that show so much, it appeals to me on pretty much every level. My desire for a good story, interesting multi-faceted characters, totally perfect casting and it's a visual feast (both location and characters, *ahem*). My god, it is just so amazing. I really love the way they managed to keep true to the original stories while bringing it into the 21st century and I just super, super love the casting. Benedict Cumberbatch could not be a more perfect Sherlock and Martin Freeman is such an amazing Dr. John Watson, with the added benefit of being super adorable in dad-jumpers. I'm a sucker for a man in a dad-jumper. Haha. Also, his nose, I love his nose. I love noses that are a bit too big, I don't know why, it's just one of my many weird fetishes.

Also, I love the way in Sherlock Holmes fandom, you know immediately when people are talking about the BBC Sherlock because they refer to Holmes and Watson as Sherlock and John. You can find the mood theme here.

I really want to make some 'Sherlock' LJ icons but I haven't been able to find any good screencap galleries of the show, or even many good official pictures. *weep*

Even though no one reads these, I think posting to your LJ can be quite therapeutic.

Been a while.

 Yes it has. I have recently been getting back in to fanfiction due to being completely sex-starved and decided to see if I can still log into my LJ after all these years. Turns out, yes, yes I can. Then I decided to go a look at my old entries and found my "Insanity with Bishies" fanfictions and I nearly wet myself laughing. Every time I re-read old LJ posts I laugh so hard. I think I find myself too amusing. God I was such a retarded little weaboo. Anyway, no one is going to read this but since I find myself so entertaining I thought I would post for the sake of future-me. :D


Oops, sorry I lied.
I was talking to people at Lily's DVD night last night and I discovered that both Scotty and I have never been depressed. Ever.
I know, hard to imagine, right?

In other news, it has been decided that I need to spend more time with my friends. Which is probably pretty obvious. But, if you ask me, this shouldn't just be me putting in the effort so I hope people envite me to do stuff with them too.
If not, bah, it's all up to me, you lazy son'bitches.

Uhm, also, I'm playing pokemon Crystal. Lol at me, I am so funny.

I skipped my period (needlessly it turned out) and I got really paranoid for a while. I think that was a bad idea.

Still dying to move out. Oh, when will it happen? Who nose.


I like puppies, they are cute. Do you like puppies? If you could have/own a dog, what sort would/do you own? I can't decide what type I'd like...
I saw a labrador cross dalmation the other day. It was very cute. It was like a white, skinny, very lightly spotted labrador. Labradors are very nice dogs.

As you can see, I don't actually have anything of real interest to say I just felt like posting.
And putting breaks between the shortest paragraphs possible. Hehehahahohoohmy.


Helloooo end of next year!

Hallelujah! We finally have a moving-out-of-home plan.
Mind you, it's not a terribly independent one but I tend not to giveashit.
So, dad says to me and Em on Christmas Day, he says, "If you two want to move out at the end of next year I'll subsidise your rent up to $100 if you move near to my house in Prahran (where he will move with Miss Clare)."
"...That sounds reasonable," I says, while in me mind I am thinking, very loudly, FUCK YES I WILL!
Imagine if Emma and I each put in $100 and Dad put in $100 the lovely, lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Prahran we could rent!
Aaaah, heaven!
I had a look at some for rent now and we wouldn't even need $300 a week to get a nice one! Oh, hoho! How fabulous!
And, yes, it is quite likely that Emma and I will fight a bit, but it is so very, very worth it.
*Melts into a puddle of happy preemptive moving goo*
Plus, Prahran is on Josh's train line. Heh heh heh.
Oh my god, I want to move now.
Y'all better start sucking up if you want to come visit me in my fab new pad end of next year.

Excited, excited, excited.



Well, it's that time of year again. Christmas Time. What a stressful period. Yeesh.
Having divorced parents can be a hassle, especially when you have so many Christmas gatherings to go to and your boyfriend gets dragged along to yours but then your dad says you're not allowed to go to his because he wants you at his house on Christmas so you can sit around and do nothing to commemorate the birth of Jesus, which about 5% of the people celebrating Christmas will actually be celebrating.
Most will just be celebrating presents (not that they're bad) and that fat, red man, Santa Claus. Who I strongly dislike, as I'm sure I mentioned last year.
If I see one Christmas special that proclaims the true meaning of Christmas to be about loving one another and family togetherness - with not even a passing mention of poor Jesus (though I'm sure he likes the loving togetherness factor) - I will bitch and moan till everybody's ears drop off.
Christmas gets me really irritable. Presents and delicious food make it bearable.
So throw a dog a bone, here and at least think passingly of Jesus, even if you don't believe in him and especially if you particularly enjoy this holiday out of the many other once-religious now-consumer-mad holidays, because it's Jesus you've got to thank for it and it is the representation of his birth.
Think how mad you'd be if all your family and friends gave each other presents and not you and spent the whole time not thinking about you at all - instead anticipating the arrival of a fat old man in a silly suit - and not treating you special like we all secretly deserve we feel we should be treated on our birthdays.
Make a donation to something, that can be your present to Jesus.

And I'm not even Christian!


Haha! I'm getting a Wii and you're not!
Or maybe you are...
Either way, I would totally pwn you at Wii tennis, noob.


Well, kids. I have finally decided what I want to do with my life, and here it is:
I am going to own a pet-shop.
I know! What a super fabulous idea, right? Here's how I came up with it:
1) Hating uni course and terribly uncertain as to what to do with my life this cause much anxiety which...
2) causes me to think long and hard about what I want to do with my life.
3) The easy part was deciding that I want to run my own business, which of course led to the conundrum of what exactly this "own business" should be? I was stewing over this for quite some time so I...
4) made a mental list of the things I like. The most obvious one was doggies. I love the little doggies, and the big doggies too. So...
5) I thought I could do a dog-training course or something.
In conclusions, animals and people rock, therefore, I should own a pet-store. The end.

Well, well, well...

What have we here...
Semms I have chanegd my journal layout! How exciting! I have also deleted all my old user pics and replaced them with this crappily-animated self-portrait one. Huzzah! Where do I find the time...
Anyway, in some sort of vague attempt to keep you all updated on my life: nothing much at all has happened. :|
Wow, in this semester I have posted all of four times, this post included.
I think I'm turning into an LJaholic. :| For serious.
Anyway, back to the my-life update.
I've decided to defer one semester next year at least. Hooray. I will get money and have np homework. Huzzah!
Finally got KH2 and am now racing David to beat Sephiroth. Am currently pwning him in a very l33t way.
Fo' shizzle.
Still with Josh. Nothing else. I am tired. Time for nosh.


Fingerprints has been returned to me! After many a long month of absence!
I will never, ever, ever lend it to anyone ever again.
Except Josh. :|
Anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to hear read the story!

It all started back last summer when I lent Emma my CD. That CD was: Fingerprints: The best of Powderfinger 1994-2000. So, anyway, I lent this CD to Emma many months ago and it is a very good CD, you realise and I think I must have lent it to her before I even got Eduardo (MP3 Player) because I haven't even put it on him yet.
So, anyway, a few months pass without drama and I get the sudden urge to listen to a bit of Powderfinger. So, I lope downstairs and ask Emma if I can have my Powderfinger CD back.
SIDENOTE: I remember now! It was before we even moved...

So anyway, I ask her for the CD and she claims to have given it back to me before we moved.
"No you didn't," I say, "because if you had given it back to me then it would be with my other CDs but it is not so you have it still and please to be returning it to me thank you."
Of course, she denies still having it and we have an argument and Dad butts in and so on and so forth.
So, several more months pass and I have looked everywhere concievable that I would have put the CD but to no avail. I am incredibly annoyed because I'm pretty damn sure she still has it and I bloody well want it back. Several times I was almost tempted to buy it again from Dirt Cheap CDs in the city, (great shop, by the way, if you don't know it you're stupid), but it's a good thing I didn't because tonight...

Emma was in a good mood! Miracle! Probably because she's going to Vanuatu (sp?) in a couple of days. That poo. But anyway she's in a good mood and we're watching Australian Idol and Chris sings a song of Bernard's new CD. Tea and Sympathy, which I also have and love. Anywho, it reminds me that Emma still has my Fingerprints CD so I ask her if she has it. Clearly having blocked out the memory of that argument she says,
"Yes, I found it in my Diskman when I was listening to Tea and Sympathy."
" :| " says my face.
"Oh, good, can I have it back then? But why am I asking, it is my CD, after all," says my mouth.
" D:< I fucking knew she had it! Ragh! Nearly a year and SHE FINDS IT IN HER BLOODY DISKMAN!" says my brain.
" :| " continues my face.
Holy crap, was I pissed off. Anyway I kept it inside because Emma in a good mood is a rare thing.

And now, my most beautiful CD had been returned unto me! YAY!!! I am so happy. Never letting it out of my sights again!